Helene Frudakis

CEO Licensed Real Estate Broker



About Helene Frudakis

Helene J. Frudakis is the CEO, Founder and Broker of Florida VIP Realty, a luxury boutique brokerage located in the prestige area of Lakewood Ranch and Sarasota, Florida.
Born and raised in New York, Helene moved to Sarasota, Florida back in 1987. She immediately fell in love with the amazing weather, gorgeous beaches, incredible sunsets and cultural arts district. She made her decision to call this place home and raise her family in this magical place nicknamed "Florida's Cultural Coast". Helene’s business savvy, adventurous spirit and love for architecture led her to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. Her major goal in mind was to open a luxury real estate brokerage and develop even more business investments, as well as building a pipeline of more professional relationships.. After years of successfully closing multi-millions of dollars in residential, commercial and development properties, Helene developed a unique concept for Florida VIP Realty, a boutique-style real estate brokerage with more personalized services, as well as concierge services.
Her passion and dedication to the real estate industry is apparent from the moment you speak with her, as she continues to grow and promote the vision of a boutique real estate brokerage focusing more on the individual client's desires, needs, the lifestyle and the experience!
Helene believes that if you are geniunely passionate about something, people are drawn to the positive energy you create, stating "Florida VIP Realty is a place where passion, people and properties come together". Energy can be very contagious and her team of professionals share her passion and understand how important it is to treat these transactions, as if they are your own personal deal. Helene continues to pursue her unique business concepts and ideas, as well as finding new investment strategies to get their clients to receive an even higher return than the last deal they closed with her.